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Miami Yacht Brokers – Andy Silva – Yacht Consulting Group

Miami Yacht Brokers – Andy Silva – Yacht Consulting Group

As far as Miami Yacht Brokers go, YCG is one of the youngest and fastest growing local companies in the business…

At the helm is industry veteran Andrew Silva whose love for the craft is only closely matched by his knowledge of it.

What differentiates them as far as other Miami Yacht brokers go?

Their transparency to the yacht and boat buying and selling process, their ability to deliver, their educational approach with clients and their management team!

Just ask around…!

Andrew Silva was born and raised in South Florida. He graduated from FIU with a Mechanical Engineering and Vocational Education degrees. He managed the South Florida Factory Training Center for Toyota and Lexus for 10 years.

His love for the water and boating started since he was a young boy. Due to his lifelong hobby of boating and fishing, he became heavily involved in the South Florida and Bahamas fishing tournaments. Winning several major tournaments and awards.

Before becoming part of the Miami Yacht Brokers ‘ scene. Andy obtained his Captain’s license over 15 years ago, and later decided to make a career change to become a Private Captain, which he practiced for 5 years as the corporate Captain for the Bimini Bay Resort Developers.

His extensive knowledge of vessels then led him to sales and consulting in the Yacht and high powered boats industry.

Andrew is well regarded as an honest hard working individual, willing to help his clients in every aspect of  the Yacht ownership lifestyle.

He is the sole owner and operator of Yacht Consulting Group, a Miami yacht brokers company founded for the purpose of helping and guiding those who want to own and/or sell a boat or yacht.

Well enough about me guys…

If you are in the market to move a vessel of any kind, just come by and let’s have a chat… at the very least I’m sure I’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

As a Yacht Broker in Miami, that’s my main goal, to help and educate those who need it throughout the process and make it an enjoyable and fun time. Buying a boat shouldn’t feel like a job or a hassle, regardless of the size.

I’m lifestyle driven, and so is my team-family… and clients and people who approach the industry the same way are the ones we feel we can help the best!

We are a Miami Yacht Brokers boutique firm located right on the Beach. Starting March 1st, our office will be on 4525 Collins Ave – Eden Rock Hotel. We service and manage 8 boat slips right across the street for the Hotel as well.

So come by and say hello!

Let's get in touch!