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Welcome to Yacht Consulting Group, glad you made it this far! We are… a family-owned full service yacht brokerage company that offers a variety of yachting and marine services including domestic and international. As a full-service company, we cover all aspects of owning, buying, selling, maintaining, and managing your vessel. Our goals, beliefs and principles are the foundation of the work we do every day on behalf of our clients. But we feel we are strongest at helping and educating people through the process of buying and selling a boat, big or small… it doesn’t matter! If you are looking for a team that you feel is going to go to bat for you… well then welcome again! Hope to start working with you soon… In the meantime please subscribe to our updates and you’ll soon start receiving some of our literature, blog posts and tips and tricks about all things yachts and boats. We are putting together a Monthly Newsletter we know you are going to like so make sure you give us your email so you can receive that one too right to your inbox!




If you are in the market to move a vessel of any kind, just come by and let’s have a chat… 


Andy Silva

At the helm is industry veteran Andrew Silva whose love for the craft is only closely matched by his knowledge of it.

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Miami Yacht Brokers – Andy Silva – Yacht Consulting Group

Miami Yacht Brokers – Andy Silva – Yacht Consulting Group

As far as Miami Yacht Brokers go, YCG is one of the youngest and fastest growing local companies in the business…

At the helm is industry veteran Andrew Silva whose love for the craft is only closely matched by his knowledge of it.

What differentiates them as far as other Miami Yacht brokers go?

Their transparency to the yacht and boat buying and selling process, their ability to deliver, their educational approach with clients and their management team!

Just ask around…!

Andrew Silva was born and raised in South Florida. He graduated from FIU with a Mechanical Engineering and Vocational Education degrees. He managed the South Florida Factory Training Center for Toyota and Lexus for 10 years.

His love for the water and boating started since he was a young boy. Due to his lifelong hobby of boating and fishing, he became heavily involved in the South Florida and Bahamas fishing tournaments. Winning several major tournaments and awards.

Before becoming part of the Miami Yacht Brokers ‘ scene. Andy obtained his Captain’s license over 15 years ago, and later decided to make a career change to become a Private Captain, which he practiced for 5 years as the corporate Captain for the Bimini Bay Resort Developers.

His extensive knowledge of vessels then led him to sales and consulting in the Yacht and high powered boats industry.

Andrew is well regarded as an honest hard working individual, willing to help his clients in every aspect of  the Yacht ownership lifestyle.

He is the sole owner and operator of Yacht Consulting Group, a Miami yacht brokers company founded for the purpose of helping and guiding those who want to own and/or sell a boat or yacht.

Well enough about me guys…

If you are in the market to move a vessel of any kind, just come by and let’s have a chat… at the very least I’m sure I’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

As a Yacht Broker in Miami, that’s my main goal, to help and educate those who need it throughout the process and make it an enjoyable and fun time. Buying a boat shouldn’t feel like a job or a hassle, regardless of the size.

I’m lifestyle driven, and so is my team-family… and clients and people who approach the industry the same way are the ones we feel we can help the best!

We are a Miami Yacht Brokers boutique firm located right on the Beach. Starting March 1st, our office will be on 4525 Collins Ave – Eden Rock Hotel. We service and manage 8 boat slips right across the street for the Hotel as well.

So come by and say hello!


Claudia Silva

Claudia is the company´s motor! As part of this husband-wife team she is not only the VP of Sales but also the person that always makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

She has been in this industry for over 15 years, working mostly in the commercial part of the business, this great experience has provided her the ability to always be a few steps ahead of all the clients needs.
Cell: 786-859-6535

Matthew Stropes

Matthew Stropes has lived in Texas, Mexico, and currently splits his time between California, Florida and Europe. Having knowledge through the nation and internationally has allowed him to create a vast amount of experience and contacts that allow him to find special prices on sought after boats and yachts before they even are publicly listed for sale. Specializes in international yacht brokerage and sales of European yacht brands such as Azimut, Bennetti, Mangusta, Ferretti, Leopard and Sunseeker to name a few.  Providing these services worldwide with a focus on importing to USA, Latin America and Caribbean the best European yacht brands available on today’s market.

His appreciation for nature and boating began from his childhood exposure to life around lakes, rivers and oceans. As an avid offshore fisherman, he has competed in tournaments in FL, CA & Mexico as both a captain and an angler.

Matthew has been working in the yacht and boating industry for 15 years and has been a captain for more than 10 years. He is a passionate waterman, scuba diver, spear fisherman, and surfer who speaks Spanish.

Values are the foundations of any healthy business. Matthews’s diverse knowledge offering practical solutions coupled with an outstanding work ethic, these sets of principles are the roots in the building of successful partnership in our industry, and this means the best experience to his customers and friends for years.
Cell: 619-847-9208


Michael Kettenring

Michael Kettenring has lived in different regions of Florida for 20+ years, currently residing in Miami, Florida. He fell in love with boating in the mid 90´s, owning a Mariah 20ft bowrider. This was a great day boat for the shallow waters of the Gulf coast. After moving to the Atlantic side of the state, he evolved to express cruisers such as a 36ft Doral and 50ft Azimut Atlantis, more suitable for extended cruising in the Keys and Bahamas.

With more than 15 years of experience in the fast paced Marketing Software & IT Industry as an entrepreneur, his passion for water inspired him to become a U.S. Coast Guard Certified Captain, becoming a PADI certified diver, and to venture into yacht industry, as a specialist in tastefully refitting yachts. Most recently he joined Yacht Consulting Group, an enthusiastic team of professionals with innovative ideas.

Michael thinks one of the main benefits of this lifestyle is that you meet the nicest people on earth! Boating enthusiasts are laid-back individuals with a lot of respect for others, always helpful when someone is in need.

This is why it comes natural to be a professional partner for other boaters whether it refers to brokerage, consulting or management of yachts.
Cell: 305-522-6302

Sol Perez Cespedes 

Sol was brought up in Panama, she culminated her studies and became a lawyer and then she started in the luxury yacht business through some of her clients. After a year she started leaving the legal part of her career to pursue a full time career within the VIP Luxury Yacht Business.
As of today within the business she dedicates herself to sales, marketing and yacht management.
She has dedicated the past 7 years in this business which she fully enjoys!
Tel: 305-506-8300 Cell: +(507)6672-3744

Travis Hersey

Travis was born in Texas and has lived most of his life in North of Houston. His love for boating began as a young child cruising on his parents various power boats on local lakes and rivers through out the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. As a young teen he learned the basics of boating, although his passion remains in power high performance boating. He has owned many different various styles and sizes of boats from fishing to power boat. In his younger years he worked as marine center focusing on maintenance and repairs of clients boats. His other interests include traveling, golf and doing anything outdoors. However, his favorite activity is spending quality time with his wife Amy and their two beautiful kids. The most rewarding part of yacht brokering for Travis is getting to know his clients on a personal level. He particularly finds gratification in fitting clients with the right boats for their needs, whether a small pocket cruiser, performance speed boat, motor yacht or a family ski boat. On any given weekend Travis can be seen navigating the local waters with his family and friends.
Cell: 832-867-8063



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  • If you are in the market to move a vessel of any kind, just come by and let’s have a chat…


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